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Co-Managed It Services

SAMATECHNOLOGY IT Company’s Co-Managed IT Service

Whether your in-house IT department is understaffed, inexperienced or simply lacking the tools to support your operations, SAMATECH has created a unique solution to address these gaps and to add immediate value to your team. In most cases, hiring additional staff or acquiring automation software is costly and inadequate. Rather than compensating for weak, internal systems, SAMATECH works with clients to build a customized support program that maximizes current staffing capabilities and existing networks. We bring our experience, best practices and support infrastructure to effect “change” – that is, changing the customer’s IT environments from reactive to proactive.

“Our mission is to be operational 24×7, running at maximum efficiency for our staff. When a complex issue arises that we are unable to solve internally, we can always rely on The SAMATECH IT Company to assist us. The promptness of their response and understanding of how critical it is for us to be operational the following day is quite important for us.”

Mr. Abdullah Odeh. | Interior Dot Com Co-Managed IT Client Since 2011

With our Co-Managed IT Service, SAMATECH implements a suite of services over time; we are consistently diligent at every step to:

  • Identify all IT assets and weigh them based on criticality of business operations.
  • Develop an annual IT budget that has a five year vision.
  • Track hard technology costs including infrastructure, renewals, maintenance and support.
  • Identify and quantify soft technology costs including productivity, downtime, and capital expenditures.
  • Deliver top-tier monitoring and management of your infrastructure including business technology and component integration.
  • Conduct quarterly technology reviews with the IT staff and corporate management, insuring expectations are being met.