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Proactive Technology Management

Our Proactive Technology Management is an expansive set of tools, processes and procedures aimed at ensuring your environment is operating optimally and is protected against risks. A Handful of them are named below:

Patch Management – Each of your systems are kept current with the latest security patches, thus providing you protection against threats.

Monitoring and Alerting – We keep a close eye on your systems by spotting problems many times before you are even aware of them 24×7.

Anti-Spam / Anti-Virus – Are you exhausted of consistently purchasing a new, or different faulty anti-virus and anti-spam software – and then paying again to have your virus cleaned up? We use our anti-virus and anti-spam licensing to protect your environment, and if you do get a virus, that’s on our dime.

Basic Content Filtering – Ever wondered what your employees are doing on-line? We can tell you – better yet, we can prevent unauthorized access before it happens AND protect your network from malvertizements, scareware and browser attacks that often circumvent anti-virus software.

Desktop Optimization – What happens when a machine gets slow and acts buggy? We have tools to execute processes such as: defragging, Disk Maintenance, Temp files removal… etc. We perform such tasks on a regular basis to keep your desktops running optimally at all times.

Server Backup and Recovery – Our backup and recovery solutions take snapshots of your servers, keep its’ data on site, and replicates it off site.

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