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Quality Management System implementation

Quality Management System implementation

Al AinRotana Hotel Implements Sky Horizon Quality Management Systems for optimal guest services.

As an important step towards materializing its vision to boost the quality of its hotel services and improve the overall experience of its guests, Al AinRotana Hotel has recently implemented Sky Horizon Quality & Guest Services Management Systems (QEMS with the objective of automating guest service workflow and eliminate any manual work that used to be carried out by the services and operational departments.

The implementation process began with installing the systems, configuring the system parameters according to Rotana’s own standards of procedures and policies. Then, conducting several training sessions for the concerned services operations and engineering departments.

Implementing Horizon QMS has provided the hotel with an effective and streamlined workflow, where guest requests are now easily assigned, tracked and closed. The hotel has also benefited from the PMS-QMS Interface by automatically importing room statuses and guest names.

The notification interface in Horizon QMS, on the other hand, has positively impacted the guest request workflow by utilizing online SMS and email sending that instantly notifies the concerned service department agents of any new work request, while notifying the management of the delayed or overdue work requests at the same time.

Moreover, guest request transactions (post, assign, cancel and finish) became accessible through the IVR interface that facilitates a quick and an efficient mechanism to post those commands through telephone dials, where the agent can perform any of these transactions by dialing a single extension number.

Additionally, deploying Horizon QMS Mobile application at the hotel has successfully provided the hotel management with the ability to track and monitor guest requests, anytime, anywhere.

The Engineering department at the hotel has largely benefited from the automation and scheduling features in Horizon EMS for Equipment and Rooms Preventive Maintenance in addition to the ability to view and monitor meter reading consumptions.

The extensive set of reports the new systems were able to provide such as: Most Frequent Request Types, Overdue Work Orders and Guest Satisfaction Feedback were a distinctive add-on for the hotel management, as they became able of highlighting the weaknesses of the workflow while identifying the most request defects/problems and better planning towards eliminating them in the future.

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Sky Software is a trusted name in software development since 1997 and continues to provide the most advanced and innovative high-quality software solutions that cover all modern business needs such as property and financial management, Hotels management, materials control, human resources and payroll, time attendance control, quality and engineering management using the latest programming technologies and tools while providing professional implementation, training, and technical support services to clients.

About Sky Horizon Quality Management System

Sky Horizon Quality Management System implements the latest quality standards in hospitality in order to reach higher guest satisfaction levels and ensure that hotel services are delivered with the same quality all the time.