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Call management solution implementation

Call management solution implementation

SAMATECH Powers CentrEx Business Centers in Dubai with a complete IP Telephone and Call Management solutions that includes a dedicated call accounting, logging, optimization and reporting applications, aiming to enable the management control over the Business Centre’s telephone revenues and cost.

About CentrEx Business Centers: CentrEx Business Centers offering a full range of serviced offices, virtual offices, meeting rooms, conference halls, technology solutions, and video-conference, telepresence and concierge services.

The deployed system is operational over a wide range of telephone PABXs (Private Access Board eXchange) with interfaces to different systems.

Here are the most important Operational Features:

  • Call Accounting
  • Multi-carrier system
  • Fixed charging mode based on the cost
  • Variable charging mode based on the duration
  • Complied with time duration charges and meter pulsing
  • Internet extension-based pricing
  • ISDN charging
  • Trunk-based pricing
  • Multiple extension types
  • Online receipt for pay phones
  • User-defined charge profiles
  • Full online data archiving
  • House phone billing
  • Operator activity logging

Security Users & Groups

  • Menu rights
  • Transactional permissions
  • Permissions on call-level
  • Permissions inheritance

Advanced Reporting System

  • Built-in set of general and transactional reports including daily, monthly, and yearly statistical reports based on extension, department, duration, destination, and time-slot of the day
  • Customized report filters
  • Ability to pre-define and save report filters for each user
  • Ability to export the reports to Microsoft Excel and Word formats


  • Unlimited number of PABX configurations including Nortel, Ericsson, Alcatel, Avaya, Mitel, and Panasonic
  • Serial interface
  • TCP/IP interface
  • Bidirectional interface

Technical Specifications

  • Operating System (Client): Windows XP SP3/Vista SP1/7
  • Operating System (Server): Windows Server 2003/2003 R2/2008/2008 R2/2012
  • CPU Architecture: 32-bit and 64-bit Platforms
  • Maintenance: Automatic Backups to either Local Storage or to External Media
  • Integrity: On-demand Database Optimizer and Integrity Check Ups
  • Administration: User-friendly Administrative and Setup Tools
  • Reporting Engine: Exportable Reports to DOC and XLS file format.