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Server’s Rooms & Data Centre Infrastructure Solutions

Server’s Rooms & Data Centre Infrastructure Solutions

We deliver, install and commission all elements to provide a secure and an efficient server room/Data Centre.

In addition to your power and cooling requirements, SAMATECH Room Services will take care of all the elements that make up the actual server room infrastructure, including; raised floors, false ceilings and lighting, fire suppression, environmental monitoring systems, data cabinets, and cabling and server room security elements such as caging, access control, intruder alarm and CCTV systems.

Please see below for information about the different elements of server room infrastructure.

Security for your server environment

Obviously it’s crucial to ensure your IT network and data are secure from the inside – secure against hacking, viruses and unwanted access to sensitive information. It’s also essential to ensure that your physical server environment can’t be accessed by unauthorized personnel, thieves or vandals.

Click on the links below for more information on the elements of Data Centre security we design into our server room projects:

  • Modular data centers
  • Access Control and Intruder Alarms
  • CCTV for data centers and server rooms
  • Physical security for data centers and server rooms


Structured cabling standards are constantly evolving and being updated to meet the ever-advancing networking requirements of new systems and technologies. Your network needs to be ready to support hungry bandwidth applications such as broadband, video and multimedia.

We deliver

  • Data Centre Electrical Design
  • Server Room & Data Centre Build
  • Server Room Refurbishments & Upgrades
  • Design & Consultancy

Data Centre cabling, optical fiber and external networking solutions

SAMATECH Room Services provides fully a compliant and high speed networking as part of the Data Centre/Server Room Electrical Design. When designing and installing the electrical network for your server room or Data Centre, we consider and select from the following areas:

  • High speed cables – The electrical requirements of high speed networking, such as Gigabit Ethernet have to be considered to provide a margin of security. CAT6 and CAT6A cables are designed to fully comply with, and exceed, the requirements of the current sets of Class E and EA Category 6 and Category 6A standards.
  • Pre-terminated, loomed solutions – As an alternative to traditional structured cabling, your application may lend itself to a pre-terminated, loomed solution, which allows for off-site termination and testing. This can radically reduce the time required on-site for installing cables.
  • Cost-effective optical fiber – Regardless of the size of the network, the reduced cost of pre-terminated optical fiber makes it a realistic alternative to the traditional copper backbone. Our engineering skills encompass all aspects of infrastructure provisions and incorporate optical fibers where appropriate.
  • External network specialists – Our design and engineering teams offer expert installation of external networks comprising of physical hard-wired fiber links between two or more buildings, and for the connecting of a complete campus, with cables normally installed into a buried duct.

Data cabinets

Racking solutions to suit your Data Centre

If you’re looking for data cabinets for your server room, then we offer a range of racking solutions to ensure that your Data Centre requirements are met without a compromise. Our rack enclosures are designed to incorporate advanced cooling, power distribution and cable management for all server and networking applications, ensuring that your cabling is very well organized, manageable, and that the risk of hot spots is minimized.

We Deliver

  • Back to Infrastructure Solutions
  • Server Room and Data Centre Build and Fit Out
  • Date Centre & Server Room Upgrades or Refurbishments
  • Design and Consultancy Services

Innovative modular patching racks

The unique design of Medusa II™ enables high-density patching, expandability and simple patch cord traceability. In addition to this, the unique Gravity Chamber™ feature tidies up excess patch cables to eliminate the tangle associated with normal patching cabinets.

Space-saving, compact design

Our Rack cabinets are compact, modular designed and have a small footprint which makes it easy to assemble and position. With a smaller footprint than a 19″ cabinet, yet delivering more ports, it is front loading and so can be positioned against a wall to save space and for ease of use.

User-friendly labelling systems

The high-density rack delivers an unrivaled degree of user-friendliness, allowing labelling, recording and documentation of patched connections to be completed quickly and smoothly. Its’ unique design means the system can be adapted to fit any shape and any size of room.

Industry standard compatibility

Designed to accommodate an extensive number of inter-changeable combinations – to meet any patching requirement – Our unique Rack comprises of different models (42U, 32U 22U, 19U, 13U, 8U, 6U, 3U…) and is suitable for screened as well as unscreened systems. Specifically designed for CAT6 cabling, the Medusa II data cabinets designed for server rooms are compatible with any industry standard patch panel and patch cords, and are fully earthed to industry regulations.

False ceilings

False ceilings for data Centers

More than just a ceiling

Our extensive engineering and industrial experience means we can deliver the best technological solutions when it comes to false ceilings for Data Centers in terms of materials and production, combined with the very highest levels of architectural design.

A well-designed server room or Data Center makes the most of the ceiling – using the in-built void to direct hot air back to the air-conditioning unit, to tidy and carry cabling, and to conceal air-conditioning ducting.

Purpose-built designs installed quickly and efficiently

Whatever the configuration of your server room, we can install standard or custom-made false ceilings to suit the design requirements of computer rooms and the Data Center. Our highly skilled technicians ensure installation is carried out quickly and efficiently, with minimum disruption to your business while work occurring.

Environmental monitoring system

Monitoring the Data Center or server room environment is mission-critical for any organization. SAMATECH Room Services have a wide range of environmental monitoring solutions from the most reliable venders, and our system has proposed to provide world-beating Data Center infrastructure and management.

What do you get with our range of environmental monitoring systems? It’s the opportunity to know much more about how your server room or Data Center is operating. Our range of environmental monitoring systems enables you to identify areas which are not performing to the highest efficiencies, so that you can make changes which will cut costs and improve performance throughout the server environment.

Unlike other environmental monitoring systems, our range of environmental monitoring systems are connected directly to the hardware that supports the server environment and to the Fire Suppression and UPS systems, it has its own UPS power supply and a built-in 24-hour back-up battery pack so that it will provide information, and alerts independent of the server environment; even when the aforesaid has shut down completely.

SAMATECH’s range of environmental monitoring products incorporates IP & SNMP environmental sensors and Data Center infrastructure monitoring ensuring the employee gains 24/7 real-time control of his/her critical systems.

SAMATECH provides best-in-class IP Telephony / Unified Communications solutions, and delivers pro-active support services for businesses of all dimensions region wide.

Focusing on industry leading solutions, SAMATECH provides complete telecommunication solutions to meet your simple or complex business needs. We specialize in a full range of solutions including traditional, IP, hybrid, hosted telephone systems as well as UC, SIP, and unified messaging and fax solutions. Furthermore, our expertise allows multi-location and remote/home workers to operate more effectively via VoIP / SIP.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Unified Communications (UC) and Unified Messaging (UM)
  • Collaboration/Videoconferencing
  • Multi-location VOIP networking, IP telephony, and IP home workers
  • Hosted PBX Solutions
  • SIP Solutions
  • Mobility
  • Converged voice and data solutions
  • Call centers / CRM
  • Wireless solutions
  • MPLS, T3, T1, etc. carrier services through multiple partners of SAMATECH
  • Regional installation, deployment, maintenance and supportive services
  • SAMATECH maintenance shares a partnership with SLA’s region wide.

Best-in-class Solutions

Our sales’ philosophy is to provide the best solutions for each of our customers’ unique needs. We believe in a neutral and consultative approach with choice, as opposed to selling a single brand. Each brand we are partnered with has much strength that is different from each other and we are experts at delivering a clear value of the solutions we propose. By partnering with multiple industry-leading solutions, we are our customers’ advocates.

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