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Technology Consulting

Technology Consulting

This procedure is where your business with us causes a great deal of impact to your respected self and it is handled by the Virtual Corporate Information Officer (VCIO). Technology consulting in our firm constitutes of a range of benefits. Some of those are mentioned below:

Business and Technology Decisions – Whether a merger, acquisition or some other business changes, we’ll be on your side to ensure you understand how technology fits into your plans.

Project Planning and Review – EVERY project is properly planned and reviewed after completion. Project plans include expected results, a written implementation plan, detailed costs and how your business is impacted. As to inform you, all projects are quoted fixed fee; no more project going over budget.

Quarterly Review – Every four months, we perform a thorough best practices review to help you understand your technical risks and if they impose any hazard to your business. We will coordinate with you to build an action plan and budget, addressing your issues in time.

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