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Technology Services

SAMATECH is a leading provider of technology solutions for mid-tier companies throughout the UAE and GCC region. SAMA builds sophisticated infrastructure solutions for mission-critical applications, provides enterprise storage solutions that ensure data protection and business continuity, and delivers state-of-the-art server solutions for optimal computing capacity.

Server Solutions

Servers form an essential component in building a resilient IT platform that can adapt rapidly to changing circumstances. Drawing on an expanding, world-class portfolio, we incorporate server-based products into integrated solutions to address critical business issues.

It’s no longer enough for servers to tick all the traditional boxes for performance, reliability and scalability. Today, they play a vital role in increasing business efficiency, reducing infrastructure complexity and cutting operational costs.

More and more enterprises are looking to technologies such as virtualization and consolidation to extract greater value from their IT infrastructure. But rethinking your server strategy is a big step and crystallizes areas of risk: will the reduced number of servers that form the core of a simplified environment be able to withstand the pace and the pressures placed upon them?

With strong vendor partnerships and outstanding technical expertise, we architect, implement and support the fully integrated solutions that today’s pressured operating environments demand. We enable customers to deploy servers effectively to gain improved control, simplicity and service – without any compromise to business continuity or service levels.

“Our approach here is to deploy servers as part of an integrated solution and as an extension of the storage environment. They form an important building-block in creating an effective, streamlined IT infrastructure that can meet with real-world business challenges.”
Amine Sta Ali, Managing Director, SAMATECH E. T. LLC – UAE

Storage Solutions

Data storage presents a difficulty and a big challenge: how to ensure availability and compliance, without costs’ increase? We offer affordable solutions to turn escalating data volumes into valuable corporate intelligence.

Store data – manage information

Today, organizations need support both in storing data and in designing and managing their infrastructure. They are looking for an all-encompassing solution to transform the deluge of data into valuable assets of corporate intelligence.

Complete storage solutions

SAMATECH helps maximize the value of corporate data by designing and implementing data storage solutions through which data can be properly managed, efficiently stored, readily retrieved and easily used. As a result, isolated pockets of information become consolidated into powerful reserves of knowledge.

Our expertise extends far beyond putting the right storage technology in place. From assessing requirements, to carefully planning any new solutions, to implementing a business-led backup and recovery strategy, we’re totally focused on helping our channel partners reduce costs, ensure business continuity and enhance productivity for their customers.

“Together, with our partners and vendors, we have consistently set the standard in delivering first-class data storage solutions to a broad range of customers.”
Naser Sarhan, General Manager, SAMATECH E. T. LLC – UAE

Virtualization Solutions

SAMATECH has partnered with world class vendors and has carefully selected a range of products and services to support effective virtualization strategies. This has enabled us to offer comprehensive solutions around access infrastructure, security and virtualization.

SAMATECH can help you select the best virtualization solution for your business.

Building a virtualized environment will require the implementation of several key technologies from multiple vendors, which is why SAMATECH has partnered with world class vendors and has carefully selected a range of products and services to support effective virtualization strategies. Our aim is to make virtualization as easy as possible to understand, design and deploy for your business.

Working with SAMATechnology will enable you to:

Identify the best solutions to recommend for virtualizing your system infrastructure

  • Identify the best solutions to recommend for virtualizing your system infrastructure.
  • Select the most appropriate vendor technology with which to work on.
  • Choose appropriate security solutions to protect your virtualized environments.
  • Ensure a smooth transition into a virtualized environment using our planning and analytical services.